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Month: November 2017

"Thank You" – Two of the Most Important Words in the English Language

Debe Maxwell, CRS “Keeping in touch is the best way to show your gratitude in our business. I believe that many buyers and sellers fall through the cracks after Closing because agents feel like the ‘job is done.’  Our client relationships, honestly, should NEVER end!”Right on target – and -re-blog! “Thank You” – Two of the Most Important Words in the English Language Remember the grandparent lessons, “Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you?’ Gosh, as far back as I can remember, those are some of the first ‘lessons’ I ever learned. That, along with ‘Don’t ever be afraid to say, I’m sorry,’ ‘Don’t...

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What's The Difference Between Landscaping and Planting?

Are you among the crowd of people who think that landscaping and planting is the same? Well, think again. There is a thin borderline between these two. Planting plants in your backyard and calling it a garden may not be a very nice approach to adding value to your house. I am sure in your childhood you have planed at least one tree and told all your friends about it when it showed the first symptoms of a flower on it. It certainly is a great experience. But we are going to talk about landscaping here Planting trees in your backyard can certainly help creating a "jungle" like experience in no time at all. All you have to do is purchase plants from nursery and plant them in your backyard. Water then everyday to see a jungle grow in your home. It's easy, right? But landscaping is a whole new game. So what's the difference? Landscaping is all about creating a space which has two primary thing attached to it. 1) It's functional 2) It's beautiful Now I am not saying that a jungle like experience is not beautiful, but it may not have a function. Landscaping is done for creating spaces that can be used for healthy human activities of any kinds without any hazards to your health. Landscaping includes careful planning of various spaces so that all...

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When and How You Should Sell Your Property Investments

When investing, most people concentrate on the 'deal' they are getting and whether it works in today's market. However, since the property price falls of 2007 left many investors who wanted to cash in for their retirement in dire straits, and with the demand and supply of property likely to change in the future due to demographics, it's essential to have a good idea of when is the right time to sell your investments. If you were investing in a financial asset, you would typically do this via a regulated, independent financial advisor. They would then give you projections of what your investment would deliver to you. For example, if you invest in a bond, you are likely to receive information that shows what you would receive after 5, 10, 15 and 20 years. To do this they would project probably three percent growth projections such as 3%; 5% and 7%. Much of this information is regulated, so they are not allowed to 'make up' figures. As an investor, you should have a plan of what your property investment will return ongoing in income for example, as well as capital growth. This should work hand in hand with your exit strategy. For example, if you want to buy property now, hold on to it and rent it out for five years, then cash it in, what you need to...

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Time to Kick It Old School

There is a rumor I heard once, that back in the day, the MLS (multiple listing service) was literally a printed book. Brokers would have to wait a week, or so, for a new book to be printed to see what new listings other brokers in town listed that week. Now everything is online and updated to the millisecond. But it leads one to think … If there are websites such as that allows users to jump around the internet seeing different and new pages while never seeing the same page twice, it makes me think that there may be too much content (I really do not think there is too much). If an office gets a new listing, it just gets tossed into the MLS and pushed through to other syndications too. But, just because there is a percentage offered to outside brokers does not mean that the outside brokers will search out to see what new listings other brokers post. Do not worry, here's my solution that has proven to have results for me. Put on your "fancy" suit. (You know the one. The one you bought for an interview, but then never got again after getting the job.) Print out an executive summary or flyer of the property (Take your time and do it right. Drive to your competitor's office. For me, I chose the...

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Brighter Homes Equals Landscape Lights

If you want to spice up your property and make it brighter at the same time, think about setting up landscape lights. These will not only bring about a wonderful impression from your friends, relatives, and acquaintances; they will also provide you with convenience, security, and will even be able to add value to your abode. There are so many different styles to select from which makes it certain that you'll find what will be ideal for your home. It is still normal though to be perplexed about what to choose so learning about a few tips will not hurt you. Before you head out to shop, you first have to make up your mind whether you'll buy something solar or something electric. The solar ones are perfect if they will be placed in spots where direct sunlight passes through a daily basis, wherein the panels will be able to receive energy during daytime, and during the night, soft glows will be produced from the stored power which will help outline your yard, walkway, etc. If your garden does not receive that much sunshine, opt for electric products that usually give out more radiance and will not really use up a lot of electricity so you may not need to worry about your monthly bill. The next thing you need to consider is which feature of your residence you...

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