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Month: January 2018

Making 2018 the Best Year Yet – An ActiveRain Challenge – ASM

This is our entry into “Making 2018 the Best Year Yet – An ActiveRain Challenge” sponsored by Debbie Reynolds. I had to wait until today to write this, as goal Number 1 has been in the works since January 3rd, and yesterday was achieved! Suzanne and I were invited to partner with one of the highest producing teams in our MLS as they expand into other geographic areas of the valley.  We live in Anthem (Northwest Valley) and their primary focus is North Scottsdale.  2017 numbers – 130 transactions, $70,000,000 volume, Average Sales Price $553K, many listings over $1M.   Several weeks...

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Transition "To Do" List

As a followup to the announcement in my previous post, we are now gearing up for transition to the new brand.  This means making an exhaustive list of all online branding in various accounts, and updating documents and  marketing collateral.  It will probably take a couple of hours to make the list – let alone get started on it!    It’s a work in process – and it’s not clear how much time it may take away from our “presence” in the ‘Rain.   Time will tell! About the Authors – Updated 2017 If you are considering a Traditional or Short Sale of...

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Premium Residential Properties in Delhi NCR

Skyrocketing property prices in Delhi does not seem to deter many. Today, growing number of users want to buy posh houses with life style features like swimming pools, jacuzzis, water fountains, plunge pools, gymnasiums, wi-fi outdoors etc. Mostly NRI, High Net-worth Individuals (corporate czars, industrialists, politicians etc) and institutions show interest in high-end properties. This segment is swelling day and day and so property developers are focusing on exclusive housing to cater to the demand of these buyers. Such projects are coming up all over India, but Delhi NCR is the prime nucleus of such projects. India Bulls recently launched one such project called Castlewood in south Delhi. This project will have 550 premium luxury apartments and promises all modern conveniences as per the international standards. Another such luxury project is called La Lagune. It is being developed by the Suncity group and is located at Gurgaon's Sector 54. Interestingly, the Delhi real estate developers are also going out of their way to woo buyers for such projects. There are fancy scheme where an individual will have to pay reduced rates of interest on home loan till possession or builders are offering subsidized EMIs till possession. Recently, real estate biggie Emaar MGF announced discounted rate of interest (3.5%) on home loan toill the user gets his possession in Palm Drive Terraces. This is Emaar MGF's posh-living project located on...

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Brazil Property a Guide for the Overseas Property Buyer

There exists an intense opportunity for sophisticated investors and lenders in leveraging Brazilian properties. Property prices are low and the Brazil currency the REAL is getting stronger. This means the overseas property investor can win twice once on rising property values ​​twice on the strengthening currency. So how do foreigners buy property in Brazil? RULES OF THE GAME. You need a Brazilian ID called a CPF. To get a CPF you need a birth certificate translated into Portuguese by a certified translator and legalized by the Brazilian delegate in your home country. .You make a trip to Banco Do Brasil with your passport and your birth certificate to formally apply for a CPF and pay a small fee. The next day you go to the Receita Federal to receive your assigned CPF number. Your CPF card is delivered to an address in Brazil within two months. (That's right, you need a Brazilian address.) It's best to use a trustworthy broker. Not only will the a good broker help you find a property, but he or she will make sure the price is fair, as well as make sure that the property is owned by the seller, and that there are no debts on it. The contract is prepared by the selling broker and contains: All information of the seller and All information of the buyer. Location and specifications of...

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Know the Publishing Landscape

Publishing …… The Industry Players In the past decade or so, the publishing industry has been confronted with powerful new competitors. For example, mountains of information and entertainment now stream into readers' homes as a result of the emergence of the Internet and the explosive expansion of cable television. Access has become easy and virtual universal because it leapfrogs boundaries. In the process, it's changed the culture. Simultaneously, the book-publishing industry has gone through massive changes. It has consolidated dramatically. Imprints that formerly rivals are now sister companies and partners. Standardized, corporate organizational practices have replaced looser, more hands-on, family-oriented operations. Book publishing has also benefited from waves of technical innovations that have impacted virtually every aspect of the business, including how books are printed, distributed, and sold. Picture today's book-publishing industry as a sharply pointed triangle. The narrow top of the triangle contains a handful of players, while the bottom portion is densely packed. As the triangle increases, the mass of publishing companies thins. Six huge, multicultural conglomerates dominate the book-publishing business; together, they put out about 80 percent of all books sold. Four of these giants are foreign owned, but all have headquarters in New York City, which is the world book-publishing center. As a result, the big six are considered "New York Publishers," which carries a certain literary cachet, even though they're actually owned by corporations...

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