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Bearded Dragon Care Sheet – 6 Top Tips

This bearded dragon care sheet will hopefully help you better understand and care for your Bearded Dragon I want to stress the importance of knowing what a bearded dragon needs to be healthy and happy, BEFORE you purchase one! Healthy Looking Bearded Dragon: Whether you decide to purchase your bearded dragon from a breeder or pet store there are certain things you must look for before you purchase your beardie. They should be alert and active. They should be watching you with interest and curiosity. Their eyes should be clear and bright, you shouldn’t be able to see any puss or anything in the eyes. When looking at their bodies you should look for any sores or infections of any kind, especially if the beardie is housed with other beardies. Male beardies will fight! Make sure that where ever you purchase your beardie you have a reasonable time frame to return him if you need to. usually 14 days to a month is good, and that you take him to your Vet as soon as you can and have him checked over carefully. Bearded Dragon Habitat The bearded dragon needs room to run around, not climb too much. These pets are from Australia and are use to being able to roam free in the desert area. The best enclosure for beardies in my opinion is a glass aquarium. The...

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Housing Boom Hits Northern Arizona

Northern Arizona's high country lies on a vast landscape of rolling hills, fragrant pine forests and snow-capped mountains. While summer temperatures in the valleys top 100 degrees, temps in Prescott, Payson and Flagstaff average in the high 80s. Even chilly winter days are pleasant because the high desert sun shines 300 days per year. Because of its climate, vast recreational opportunities and low crime rates, this region has seen an influx of retirees and second-home buyers in recent years. From California to the East Coast, newcomers are taking advantage of low, national interest rates to flood northern Arizona area markets. With most land locked up in National Forests and Parks, the supply of new homes has not kept up with demand. In less than two years the housing markets in Flagstaff, Payson and Prescott have increased from 12% to 35%, and real estate agents from all three towns predict another few years of boom. Despite this bullish market, average home prices still remain reasonable compared to other US mountain towns. Prescott: At 5,400-feet, Prescott boasts a mild climate with four seasons and pristine air quality. Cultural, educational, job and health care opportunities compare favorably to those found in metropolitan areas, but the city still retains its small-town feel. Subsequently, newcomers have flown to the area at a steady rate and housing prices have almost doubled in five years. Prescott's...

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Renters Property Insurance – Get the Best Rate

You know you need renters property insurance to protect your personal property, but how can you get the best rate with a reputable company? Here's how … Renters Property Insurance Renters property insurance pays to replace your personal property – furniture, clothing, electronics, etc. – when it's stolen or damaged by fire, vandalism, or natural disasters. It also pays claims made against you when someone injures himself or damages his property in your home, and it pays for your living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a fire or other disaster. Save on Your Renters Property Insurance Here are some ways to save money on your renters property insurance: Comparison Shop Renters property insurance can vary by hundreds of dollars from one company to another, so you need to go to an insurance comparison website to get rate quotes from different companies (see link below). Compare quotes from at least three companies then choose the cheapest quote that provides the best insurance coverage. Increase Your Deductible The deductible is the amount of money you pay towards a claim before your insurance kicks in. Renters insurance deductibles start at $ 250. Increasing your deductible to $ 500 can save you up to 15% on your promotions. Increasing it to $ 1,000 will save you up to 25%. Buy Your Renters and Auto Insurance From the Same Company Most...

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Garden Hoses – 3 Tips You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Garden Hose

Being a homeowner, having a garden hose is one of the necessities of life. Whether it is for washing the car or caring for your garden, a hose will always come in handy around the house. Most people though will give little thought as to what kind of hose to buy. Here are some simple tips to help you know what to look for in buying your next garden hose. 1. Be sure you get a long enough hose While this may seem rather obvious you would be amazed at how often people do not buy a long enough hose. They try to save a couple of dollars by buying a shorter hose and when they get home and start to use it they find out they don’t have enough hose to water all of their plants. Of course, this only leads to spending more time and money having to buy another garden hose to attach to it. Avoid the frustration by doing it right the first time. 2. Get a good quality garden hose Sure, you can find a $10 cheap garden hose at your local discount store, but this is one of those areas that you really do get what you pay for. Spend a few extra dollars for a good quality rubber hose. You will be so glad you did as the summer goes on. Prices...

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How to Keep Your Range of Renting a Property

The real estate market has been let down a great deal by the falling economic condition of the country and the continuous pounding by the media. And all of this has created a belief that those who are looking to get homes for rent, anywhere they are willing, can get the rates lowered down to their desired prices. What seems to be wrong with this fact is that there are a lot of places still left in the market, which have become monopolies and have loads of people going against each other to try and get them at any rate possible. This is what the overall condition is now and the rates have soared up quite drastically. However, some house did do bad in the real estate market due to the bad financial conditions, and the overall economic position of their landlords at that time. It is very important for you to follow the below given steps, if you are about to rent a place for yourself in the coming time. 1. Go and see the house you are about to rent, and only then give out any price you are willing to pay. Do not quote rates beforehand. 2. Fill all the tenant applications and pay for them too. 3. Give your credit details correctly, so that when the landlord does run them, s / he finds nothing...

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