Today we are looking at Foreclosure Free Search, the nation's largest online foreclosure listing service. This service provides the largest most accurate foreclosure listing service on the Internet.

I signed up for the 7 day free trial and loved every moment of the trial. It allowed me to search for properties in my state with broken down by county.

When I searched my own county I found 979 properties to evaluate. You can imagine how much time this saved me. I was able to pick out 15-20 properties that interested me and then honed in on that group. I was quickly able to pare the list down to a workable 6-8 listings that I will follow up. The bulk of the work was done from the comfort of my home. Now when I go to view the properties I am viewing those with real potential. The hours I saved using this service would more than pay for the program.

It's a no lose situation!

It listed details, city, address, zip code, bedrooms / baths and price. When I clicked on details I was brought to another screen which exhibited a detailed map to the property, complete address, last sold for price, assessed value and date of assessment, seller and seller contact information, listing agent with phone number and local school information . Also most properties have a photo included to help you decide if it fits your buying criteria.

Two new features are the Online Pre-foreclosures and Bankruptcies section.

There is a helpful coding system which gives further information such as, a green check = Available | a red X = Pending Sale | and a green CP = Commercial Property.

If you are interested in buying foreclosures you have to sign up for the free trial. You will not be sorry.

Source by Ray Caran