One of the most useful ways of finding below market value properties is to buy leads from reputed lead sellers. This allows you to choose from several potential bmv property deals. At the same time, you might want to know about other options to hit upon motivated sellers and find property investments at a good bargain. Here are some tried and tested ways of increasing your leads to sellers:

An extremely acceptable method of sourcing BMV property leads is Leafleting. Most successful investors use it. All you need to do is simply design a leaflet that has the following features:

  • Use an A5 size leaflet – The most widely used paper size.
  • Print information in black and white – This is cheaper and there are no special benefits of opting for colored printing.
  • Provide the vendor a list of benefits that you offer.
  • Clearly aim the leaflet at the target audience identified in your strategy.
  • Ensure you print your contact details.
  • Highlight a clear call to action.

The next step for you is to print the leaflets and select distributors to spread the leaflets in your target area. You should redeliver leaflets every four-to-six weeks, since it has been seen that repeat deliveries are extremely effective. And then simply wait for the response.

Another valuable source of property deals, even for the BMV Property investor, is the Estate Agent. While leafleting may or may not hit the target, estate agents are in contact with motivated sellers all the time. Your job is to get estate agents to reveal this information to you and it is your people skills and relationship building that will work in this sphere. You cannot just walk into the office of an estate agent and walk out with a bmv property deal. What agents are looking for is actual sales – not just some big talk from investors. If you are able to give them what they want, you will be in a good position to get what you really want. If you are active and committed, there is a greater chance that you would get an agent’s attention. After all, buying property is for the strong hearted.

You can also choose to use Internet Pay-Per Click, a hugely popular option for net savvy investors. Your website is set up in a manner in which traffic comes to it and then you can buy traffic. By using services such as Google AdWords and/or Yahoo, you can set up an account and formulate a small online advertisement. You then bid on keywords that people are likely to use in their search for buyers. If your advertisement comes near the top, web visitors will click on it and will be directed to your site more often. They can then fill out an online form to sell off their home. Only when someone clicks through to your site do you need to pay.

You can also source leads through networking. Forums such as [] and Singing Pig offer a platform for you to meet professional as well as amateur lead sellers posting BMV property leads. You can also come across individuals seeking to pass on leads that do not interest them. Property-networking events also help you build rapport with other bmv property investors who share your views. Rather than dealing with strangers, an investor would much rather pass on leads to someone they are acquainted with and like.

Auctions are also becoming a popular method of gaining leads several investors. BMV investors had stopped venturing into auctions after the boom in property investment, with the auction rooms being packed with inexperienced and much too eager property investors, who are ready to pay higher than market value to buy property. You might just hit on a good bargain at an auction, provided you are alert. On the other hand, if you are seeking a No Money Down (NMD) deal, auctions are not the right place to go to.

Source by Robert Clark